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Snack and Class Party Options

Castro Valley Unified School District has a detailed food policy on the website, located at:

Classes are allowed ONE food related party per month, many are already pre-planned and coordinated with classroom activities and instruction. Please coordinate with your child's teacher when bringing food or other items to school for your child's special occasion and refrain from passing out food items as children exit the classroom at the end of the day. An alternative to passing out food items are small goodie bags with balls, small toys, arts and craft activities and other small gadgets.

When considering food options on class party days, it is important to recognize the dietary needs, allergies and restrictions of all Marshall Elementary students. If you would like to bring cupcakes or food items to school for a class party that involves food, please consider purchasing all food items from our Child Nutrition Department,  or contact Bonnie Byrne, Marshall Child Nutrition Coordinator.

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