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Interview with Green Team Members

Interview with Green Team Members

By: Maria Leyson and Audreann Giovanetti


Every Friday before dismissal, groups of of student roam Marshall School's hallways and classrooms to collect recycling and green bin materials. This hard-working group is known as the the Green Team, consists of student volunteers from fourth and fifth grade. They have the mission of managing Marshall's waste products and keeping the school "green." Fourth graders Amari Lyles and Deseree Del Toro are two Green Team members assigned to Ms. Leyson's kindergarten class.


Question: What is the Green Team? What do you do for Marshall School?

Amari: The Green Team goes around to classes to take out garbage.

Deseree: We also have meetings to make posters. We will also shoot a music video so that [the younger students] know where things go.

Both: We both go to Room 7 to take the recycling and the green bin.


Q: How do we recycle at Marshall?

A: Plates goes in the green bin. Milk goes in the milk bucket. Plastic bottles go into recycling.

D: Put papers in recycling, but do not put food in there.


Q: Why is it important to recycle?

Both: Recycling helps us reuse stuff. We can take stuff to the [recycling] facility like CV San (Castro Valley Sanitation). If we didn't recycle, so much of the world would be used up.

A: It is important to recycle so that no trash would end up in the wrong place.


Q: Is there anything you'd like our school to know about recycling or your work in the Green Team?

A: Please don't litter. Put things [trash and recycling] in the right places. Don't put milk cartons inside of the milk bin because then Mr. Lee [Marshall School custodian] has to reach in to get them.

D: Make sure you put plastic [Ziploc bags[ in the trash not the compost!


Look out for your Green Team members every Friday and thank them for their hard work!