Staff Directory

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Job: Room: Extension: Website:
Sigars, Melissa Principal Office X4300  
Hendrickson, Libby Secretary Office X4300  
Valencia, Claudia  Attendance Office X4362  
Byrne, Bonnie Cafeteria Lead Cafeteria x4366  
Leong, Kara Intervention 19 X4319 Website
Anderson, Francesca RSP Teacher 4 X4364  
Rodgers, Eloise Psychologist 27 X4327  
Choy, Jessica Speech & Lang 20 X4320  
Valone, Cyndi Counselor 2 X4302  

Classroom Teachers

Name Grade Room Ext/VMBox Website
Bianchini, Henna Kinder 7 X4307 Website
Hora, Jamie Kinder 6 X4306 Website
Leyson, Maria Kinder 1 X4301 Website
Young, Jessica K - 2 SDC 5 X4305  
Brown, Debbie 1st 9 X4309  
Chau, Dana 1st 11 X4311  
McCullough, Natalie 1st 8 X4308  

Nguyen, Nga

2nd 10 X4310 Website
Campbell, Alyssa 2nd 12 X4312 Website
Hojilla, Josh 2nd 13 X4313 Website
Shoffner, Lisa 2nd/3rd  22 X4322 Website
Giovanetti, Audreann 3rd 24 X4324 Website
Kundert, Erin 3rd 23 X4323 Website
Pinzon, Sara 3rd 21 X4321 Website
Kikes-Avery, Nicki 3rd/4th/5th  SDC 25 X4325  
Green-Curiel, Suzi 4th 14 X4314  
Newton, Emily 4th 15 X4315  
Devine, Katie 5th 29 X4329  
Herring Cheryl 5th 17 X4317  
Penn, Aimee 4th/5th 16 X4316  
Gillmore, Kevin PE 16 X4368  
Carlson, Chris PE 16 X4368  
Reynes, Charles Science 28 X9100
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